Year 6

This half term, Year 6 studied World War II in depth. They started by asking lots of questions such as: Why did the war start? What happened to children during the war? Why did Hitler invade Poland? They then made class timelines covering all the key events from war being declared to VJ Day in August 1945. Throughout the topic, they concentrated on honing their historical skills and carried out enquiries by asking searching questions, rigorously examining sources, researching information and making links in their understanding..

The children showed immerse enthusiasm throughout the topic. They wrote fantastic poems with haunting imagery about the Blitz; wrote evacuee letters full of archaic language and researched and wrote non-chronological reports about a chosen aspect of the war. They also learnt about the Home Front, rationing, the Blackout, they made their own propaganda posters and also learned about the Holocaust and why we must never forget what happened to millions of Jewish people in WWII. To reinforce this, the Anne Frank Trust visited to run a thought-provoking workshop about prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping linked to Anne Frank’s experiences under Nazi rule.

The project culminated with the children carrying out an in-depth study into their chosen aspect about WWII such as the Battle of Pearl Harbour or the story of Anne Frank. They then took part in an online live drawing workshop with a graphic novel artist where they learned how to plan and draw a graphic novel page and how to add perspective, movement and text to their drawings. Each year 6 child then produced fantastic one page comic strips telling the story of their chosen aspect of World War II and these drawings have been made into a book.

Essential Questions

Who won World War II?

Student Reflections

"I really enjoyed the comic workshop because he showed me how to make my drawings look like they are moving.”

“I love history and I especially enjoyed learning about the Blitz and taking a virtual tour of Anne Frank’s secret annex.”

Teacher reflections

“What a wonderful way to start Year 6! This topic has inspired children to become true historians. From day one, they have asked sharp, truth-seeking questions and thought carefully about what the sources and evidence they have studied have revealed. The graphic novel workshop inspired the children to draw some incredible comic strips and the children have learned how lucky they are not to have experienced bombing, evacuation, rationing and the other hardships that children in WWII endured. “ Mrs Waring

Exhibition Responses