Year 5/6

Who won the war?

Teachers: C Hunt, C Waring, L Maud, D Fitch

Throughout this term, Year 5/6 have learnt about the two World Wars and investigated the question “Who won the War?” The children particularly focussed on the lives of children in wartime and experienced an evacuation to local muster points wearing the gas masks and identity labels that they had made in class. They also heard first hand accounts about evacuation from grandparents and by reading original evacuee letters. The children produced written recounts of air raids, Blitz poetry, evacuee letters, persuasive letters and propaganda monologues. The children learned about the symbolism of the poppy and individually constructed wire and clay poppies to display in a cascade. They also investigated the science behind why Anderson Shelters were arched to help them better withstand German bombing. Finally, the children learned about the history of Morse Code, constructed their own electrical series circuits and sent their own Morse Code messages to each other.