Year 4

The children began this project by immersing themselves in Roman life during their hook day where they came to school dressed as Romans. They then explored the different types of shields that were used and had the opportunity to create their own. Once their shields were complete, the children took on the role of a Roman soldier where they participated in a march around the playground, led by two children who acted as the centurion. Each child had the opportunity to independently research information about aspects of Roman and Celt life in order to produce a fact spinner, which they could refer back to throughout the project. The children also acted as archaeologists for the afternoon, where they were tasked with digging for artefacts and identifying their name and purpose during a group archaeological dig. As we neared the end of the project, the children came together in groups to plan and prepare for a presentation that would showcase their new expanse of knowledge. They worked together to select which topics they would discuss. Once this was decided, they divided the topics between the group members, each of which were then responsible for note taking on that area. The children then collaborated with their group to produce a script for their presentations, developing their oracy and team work skills. Each group then performed their presentation, some of them in Roman costume, which was recorded to share with parents on google classroom.

Essential Questions

What did the Romans ever do for us?

Student Reflections

“ I really enjoyed the Romans because I didn’t know how many things they invented that we use today” HF.

“My favourite part was doing our presentation and working with my group to write our script” EC.

Teacher reflections

“This topic has given the children some fantastic opportunities to work independently as well as working as part of a team. The children were immensely proud of their exhibition presentations and their hard work was evident in their video performances. The presentations that were created were fantastic and really showed off the knowledge that the children had developed throughout the project. ”

Exhibition Responses