Year 3/4

What we have been doing in year 3/4

We've had quite an exciting start to the term. To start off with, we have been learning how to write adventure stories. We went on a walk around Hoddesdon and we saw some really great places that we could set our adventure stories in, then we got to write our very own ones. That was such fun.

Our teacher showed us a map of Hoddesdon, showing the same route that we took when we went on our walk, which we used when we to plotted the places we went to on our very own grid referenced map. Wow, that was a lot of hard work, but we did it and we are so proud of it. We then used those same maps and improved them by 'blocking' different uses of land around us, like residential, commercial and industrial. We never realised there were so many different types of land use.

The most recent thing we have been learning about in English, is how to write persuasion letters. This had been a little difficult because there is so much to remember but we will do it. We have made some posters as a way of persuading the council to build a trampoline park on Ratty's Lane instead of the incinerator. They have come out so beautifully and we have learnt so much from these discussions. I wonder what other fun things we will get to do?