Year 3

Throughout this project, the pupils have learned all about the Egyptians process of building pyramids, the pharaohs and Egyptian writing. We had a fantastic hook day to begin with which involved the children dressing up as Egyptians and completing a carousel of activities. The children enjoyed their problem solving task in which they had to role play as Egyptians moving slabs of sandstone across a courtyard, to build a pyramid without lifting the ‘block’. We then went outside and posed the problem of lifting up the playground tires with just the aid of a rope. This really helped the children to understand the struggles the Egyptians faced when building the pyramids. Later on, when the children came to build their own pulley system in DT, they could draw on this memory to support their learning.

In art, we began by decoding cryptic clues in Hieroglyphics in order to understand that Hieroglyphic symbols stood for sounds or words. From then onwards, the children created printing blocks out of cardboard and string in the Hieroglyphic alphabet. In groups, they then created an Egyptian themed background and printed their own cryptic messages onto the paper. Throughout the topic, children have researched the history of the pharaohs who ruled Egypt and some famous pyramids. This culminated in brilliant 3D non– chronological reports which are proudly on display in our school.

Essential Questions

Are there any Pyramids and hidden tombs left to uncover?
How were the Pyramids built? How would you want to be remembered?

Student Reflections

Year 3 have recently begun their PBL questions and student reflections will be updated after they complete the project

Teacher reflections

"This topic has given the children some wonderful opportunities. They were all so proud of their Hieroglyphic creations and Egyptian-themed non-chronological reports. It was brilliant to see them take control of their research and independently organise the information they had gathered. They took great pride in their presentation of their reports and they admire them, as do the rest of KS2, everyday on the displays outside our classrooms. Well done Year 3!”- Ms Chaytor

Exhibition Responses

Year 3 have recently begun their PBL questions and exhibition responses will be updated after they complete the project