Year 2

Last term, the whole school took part in our project 'If the school could talk, what would it say?' Within their project Year 2 held their own 'Castle Day' coming to school dressed as Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses and other characters from well known fairy tales, they handled different artefacts from the Victorian era and hosted their own Jubilee tea!

This term, the children are learning about the Great Fire of London as they explore 'Why did it burn?'

Year 2
Year 2
Year 2
Essential Questions

How has Hoddesdon changed in the last 200 years?
How do we learn about the past?
What significance has events from the last 200 years had on us today?

Student Reflections

“Overall, the project has been interesting and fun. I loved it!”

“I want to visit the moon like Neil Armstrong. He said ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’”

“My favourite part was when I showed the Mayor of the borough of Broxbourne different artefacts because I think that it’s a great experience to show someone very important around the museum.”

Teacher reflections

“This project has linked well with our focus on developing oracy. Throughout the project I have seen and heard children articulating their ideas more confidently. The children who shared their diaries at the exhibition were both audible and clear”

Exhibition Responses

““It’s brilliant. The children who read their diaries read so clearly and knew so much about the moon landing”

““They know more then me and I was alive then!”