f Year 2

Year 2

Is your home a castle?

Teachers: Mr Pring and Mrs Lines

This project was heavily linked to: design and technology (construction), art, history and geography and had many writing opportunities. The children started by thinking 'what does home mean to them' and they then designed a dream home for an instant display (art focus: perspective). In literacy, we started with 'fairy tales' because Rumplestiltskin and Rapunzel had castles in the stories and it was an engaging place to start. Other writing links included: writing instructions about how to catch a dragon (based on Pie Corbett how to catch a troll), writing diary entries about their trip, then a historical diary from a servant and then one from the perspective of Queen Elizabeth I. The knowledge needed to write the diary entries was taught in history before the diaries were expected in Literacy. We went on 2 trips this term, Cedars Park to learn about Theobald's Palace (where Queen Elizabeth frequented) and a local walk around Hoddesdon. The local trip was inspired by 'Street Detectives' from Cornerstones. We looked at Human and Physical features as well as compass position. Children recreated maps and also included where they would build a potential castle. In design and technology, the children built castles in pairs (previous art work supported this-such as matching colour to natural objects) and the science taught covered materials and their properties. The exhibition was a huge driving force. Butler's Estate Agents, in Hoddesdon town, allowed us to use the shop for a whole morning and sell our castles. We had 5 groups of around 12 children (in pairs/3s) selling their castle and families had appointment times. It was amazing!