SEND Information Report

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How will I be involved in discussions about and planning for my child’s education?

  1. You will be invited to attend parent consultation meeting throughout the school year.  During the meeting personalised targets will be discussed as well as ideas on how to support your child further.
  2. We use Person Centred Approaches such as ‘Good / bad day form’ to consider how small changes can make a big difference.
  3. If your child is identified as having an additional need, the level of need and strategies to support your child will be fully discussed with you and your child.
  4. For some children with multiple needs a CAF (Common Assessment Framework) may be necessary, where multiple agencies or services are involved. – A CAF is only instigated with parental consent; this service is in the process of change and may now also be referred to as ‘Families First’.

For a few children an Education Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan) may be required, again the views of the child and the family are central to putting together a coordinated plan that involves advice from education, health and social care.  An EHC Plan replaces the previous Statement of Special Educational Needs.  Before an EHC Plan can be devised, there is a period of time where evidence of your child’s severe, complex or lifelong need will be collected.  A meeting will take place with all the people involved in your child’s care, including yourself, and the final decision is made by the local education authority.  Sometimes it may also be necessary to apply for extra funding to meet the needs of a few pupils, this is known as Exceptional Needs Funding (ENF.)