This four week project aims to support the children’s transition into school. The teddy will help children form attachments, learn about school life, form friendships and express themselves in a safe, non-threatening, engaging way. Children express themselves ‘all about me’ and listen to others interests. The project also had great opportunities for UW and RE which are all in the saved long term plan).

Week 1 in a nutshell
Children introduced to class teddy – it is teddy’s birthday soon and at the moment he 4. For his birthday he wants a name! Children name teddy and start to use it to communicate/interact with teddy to help them express themselves (start of ‘all about me’). Teddy is used to introduce children to different areas of play and expectations on tidying up. Tell children that teddy also has some books that can help us be happy and get used to school (see ‘must read books’ for this project). PSED: Jigsaw Foundation 2, puzzle 1, piece 1 who…me? I understand what it is to belong and we are similar and different.

Week 2 in a nutshell
Children communicate/interact with teddy to help them express ‘all about me’. Children share their own interests and listen to others. When looking at the children’s attributes, teach teddy ‘how to be a good friend’ . Children play ring games with teddy included. ‘Teddy has some books that can help us be happy and get used to school’ (see ‘must read books’ for this half term). PSED: Foundation 2, puzzle 1, Piece 2: How am I feeling today? I can start to recognise and manage my own feelings.

Week 3 in a nutshell
Teddy wants to know: what is the same and different about the class and their home (or nursery). What are they familiar with and what do they want to explore? Introduce simple technology so children have access to it during active learning. Children select and use the technology when going on a group tour of the school. PSED: Foundation 2, puzzle 1, Piece 3: Being at school.

Week 4 in a nutshell
Teddy is feeling sad. Why could he be sad (explore sadness and what we can do to help). NB: Teddy had no birthday celebration and he does not have a uniform like us (see content for the week). We need to be a good friend. What makes a good friend? PSED: Foundation 2, puzzle 1, Piece 4: Gentle hands. I understand why it is good to be kind and have gentle hands.


Many opportunities taken that builds up to a birthday party for teddy (we give teddy uniform (RE), make birthday cards for teddy, explore celebrations and have a birthday party on final Friday afternoon of the four week project.

Student Reflections

‘I loved it when teddy painted! We taught him the rules it was great to get to know him’ EH. ‘Teddy made some new friends like us’ LA. ‘I love teddy being there!’ CW

Teacher reflections

“This project was extremely supportive when helping the children settle. Children were quick to settle and got to know each other. There were many opportunities to support transition and the children responded and interacted with the teddy—they were excited and engaged throughout. The children could not wait to to see what teddy had been up to when they came into school (painting or leaving them a note). ”

Exhibition Responses