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Mrs Roberts' Garden

Mrs Roberts' Garden is an open seated area with benches and flowers that can be used as an outdoor place for reflection and remembrance. Children are welcome to visit during class circle time and at playtimes when they want some ‘peace and quiet.’.


At St Catherine’s we are always keen to improve things for our children and their families. We encourage all to have a say in what we do and strive to review and reflect on everything. To help us gain an understanding of people's views we send out regular questionnaires and ask for feedback.

What our school community say...

"Excellent communication via text message and emails. I love the way all information been provided. The most important thing my children wants to go to this school. It makes me happy."

"Excellent teaching, incidents dealt with quickly and effectively. The behaviour and politeness of the pupils, particularly in year 5 and 6 is fabulous, well done to them!"

"Plenty of opportunities to chat with teachers when needed, and regular info given via weekly newsletter."