Our Governors

    Peter Falconbridge ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category: Co-opted

    Appointed/Elected: Appointed by the Governing Board.

    Term of Office: 25.03.2019 – 24.03.2023

    Committee representation: School Improvement Committee. Resources Committee. Performance Review Committee. Budget Review Committee, SIAMS Working Party.

    Position of responsibility: · Chair of the Full Governing Body Meeting, Chair of the School Improvement Committee, Chair of the Performance Review Committee, Link governor for GDPR, Link governor for Performance Management and Vulnerable Group
    · Link governor for GDPR, Performance Management and Vulnerable Groups

    Business Interests: None

    Interest in other educational establishments: None

    Relationships: None

    My background is in teaching which started in 1980.  I taught in a Boys school before moving to a school for visually impaired pupils to take up a Deputy Headteacher post and subsequently Headteacher.  I retired from education in 2014.

    I have a wealth of experience as a governor and been extremely fortunate to work with a number of experienced Chairs. I have chaired numerous committees and sub committees and have an intimate knowledge of governance procedures and protocols, including close working with external support agencies. I have knowledge of recruitment processes, the delegated school budget, performance management for teaching and non-teaching staff and every aspect of site management.

    As a Hoddesdon resident and member of the congregation at St Catherine’s Church, I value the opportunity to be part of the governing body at St. Catherine’s School and  to support the Headteachers, staff, pupils and parents/carers.

    Jean Legg ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category: Local Authority

    Appointed/Elected: Appointed by governing board

    Position of responsibility: · Link governor for Literacy

    Term of Office: 13/07/2017 – 12/07/2021

     Committee representation: School Improvement Committee

    Business Interests: None

    Interest in other educational establishments: Teacher at St Cross, Hoddesdon; Enterprise Advisor at Maria Fidelis, Euston, London.

    Relationships: None

    Bio: I am a "people person" and have person-based skills. I am an effective listener able to actively listen and reflect upon discussions. I can see different viewpoints and am bale to articulate differing perspectives in an objective way. I am an incredibly honest person and yet I know with honesty it is also necessary to be diplomatic; most of the time, I am able to be honest and diplomatic. I have an incredibly deep passion for education and its ability to be a leveller in society and enable children to achieve personal goals and future potential. I am a reflective person. I use my reflection to take regard of different perspectives and opportunities with the intention of making the best decision "at that time". I am committed to improving educational opportunities for all children with the intention that social mobility becomes a choice - not a chance.


    Mrs Wallis ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category: Staff

    Appointed/Elected: Ex-officio appointment

    Term of Office: From 31.12.2011

     Committee representation: School Improvement Committee
    Resources Committee,
    Budget Review Committee,
    Performance Review Committee,
    SIAMS Working Party

    Position of responsibility: Headteacher

    Business Interests: None

    Interest in other educational establishments: None

    Relationships: Son employed at St Catherine's


    Having lived and worked in Hertfordshire all my life, I first joined Haslewood Junior school as a part time teacher in 1996. The role soon evolved to a full time commitment and after the school amalgamated with St Paul’s Infant School in 2003, I was offered the role of senior teacher having joint responsibility for maths and English with a teacher from St Paul’s – Mandy Staiano. The partnership formed at that time provided the foundation for our journey from assistant headteachers into co-headship; we were asked to provide ‘acting’ cover following the departure of the previous head, and were offered the substantive position in July 2012. After Mandy’s untimely death in 2018, I have continued as headteacher at St Catherine’s.

    I live locally and enjoy walking, reading and cooking.


    Cathy Irons ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category:  Co-opted

    Appointed/Elected: Appointed by the governing body

    Term of Office: 13.03.2019 – 12.03.2023

    Committee representation: School Improvement Committee and Performance Review Committee.

    Position of responsibility: Link governor for Safeguarding (including Child Protection, Children Looked After and attendance. Link governor for Schools Financial Values Standards and Reading.

    Business Interests: None

    Interest in other educational establishments:  Employed at Herts for Learning Ltd

    Relationships: None

     I joined St Catherine's governing body in May 2009 and serve as a Co-opted governor. I am the nominated Safeguarding and Children Looked After governor, sit on the School Improvement Committee and support with the annual financial audit, SFVS (Schools Financial Value Standard). The role is demanding and challenging but there are many rewards, particularly the children's enthusiasm and love of learning which are apparent through my governor visits. I hope through my governor role to help raise school improvement and support the school in building a successful future.

    Andrew Davies ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category:  Foundation

    Appointed/Elected: Appointed by St Albans Diocese Education Board

    Term of Office: 21/06/2017 – 20/06/2021

    Committee representation: Resources Committee

    Position of Responsibiltiy ·Link governor for Health & Safety, Link governor for Science.
    · Link governor for Science and Health & Safety

    Business Interests: None

    Interest in other educational establishments:  None

    Relationships: None

     Originally from Swansea in South Wales, I moved to Hoddesdon in 1986 to start working as a full time GP in The Amwell Street Surgery. I retired as a GP at the end of 2015. My wife and daughter are primary school teachers in Hertfordshire. I also have a son who has studied Mathematics at Bristol University. I have been part of the congregation at St Catherine and St Paul's Church in Hoddesdon since 1986, and it is through this link that I have become a foundation governor appointed by the St Alban's Diocesan Education Board. My interests include dinghy sailing, skiing, dance, playing a trombone and of course, rugby.

    Rebecca Bannocks ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category: Parent Governor

    Appointed/Elected: Appointed by the governing board

    Term of Office: 01/05/2020 – 20/04/2024

    Committee representation: School Improvement Committee

    Position of responsibility:Link governor for Reading

    Business Interests: None

    Interest in other educational establishments: Teacher at Cranbourne School, Hoddesdon

    Relationships: To be confirmed

     I qualified as a teacher in 2015 and began working as an NQT the same year. In 2016 I moved to Hoddesdon and as a result, I began working at The Cranbourne School, which is still my place of work as a teacher. I feel my experience as a teacher will prove to be invaluable to me as a parent governor because it has provided me with training in safeguarding children, not only on a day to day basis but also in regards to more serious concerns. Also, I know how schools work in regards to teaching and learning and so I understand the pressure that schools are under to ensure that children make progress. Furthermore, I understand the importance of having positive relationships with parents as their support is imperative to the school. As a teacher I am already invested in helping children to develop to the best of their abilities and I would love to be able to do so at St. Catherine’s school which would benefit many children, including my own.

    Amanda Griggs ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category: Parent

    Appointed/Elected: Elected by parents

    Term of Office: 28.01.16 – 27.01.2020

    Committee representation: Resources Committee

    Position of responsibility: Link governor for Numeracy

    Business Interests: None

    Interest in other educational establishments: None

    Relationships: None

    I have three children, with my youngest at St Catherine's and the older two at John Warner, meaning I have been a parent at the school for about 10 years. I am currently a Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police Service, and have been for over 18 years. I previously completed a PGCE and then went on to work as an Education Welfare Officer in North Herts, so I have always had a keen interest in education as well. 

    My career to this point has given me the opportunity to work collaboratively with a number of external agencies, to develop ways of communicating with individuals and groups, to work with vulnerable and at-risk individuals and families, as well as other transferrable skills such as conflict management, and more recently resource management. I am looking forward to being part of the continuing strive to improve at St Catherine’s

    Reverend Rachel Pennant ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category: Foundation governor. Vicar of St. Catherine’s and St. Paul’s Church. Ex-Officio appointment

    Appointed/Elected: Appointed by the Diocese of St Albans

    Term of Office: From 24.05.2020

    Committee representation: School Improvement Committee. SIAMS Working Party.

    Position of responsibility: N/A

    Business Interests: See below

    Interest in other educational establishments: None

    Relationships: Husband is occasionally employed at St. Catherine’s School as a supply teacher

    I joined the governing body of St Catherine’s School as a Foundation Governor, following my appointment as the Vicar of St Catherine and St Paul’s Church in May 2016. This is my first time as a member of a governing body, but I bring extensive experience of working within different community settings, and of data and performance analysis from my former career as a Civil Servant.

    I am the link governor for SIAMS – the Statutory inspection of Anglican and Methodist schools – I have three children who currently attend John Warner Secondary School.

    Tracey Fisher ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category: Associate Member

    Appointed: Appointed by the Governing Board

    Term of Office: From January 2012 (duration of employment as Business Manager)

    Committee representation: Resources Committee

    Position of responsibility: · Financial and premises reporting (no voting rights)

    Business interests: Employed as the Business Manager at St. Catherine’s School

    Interests in other educational settings: None

    Relationships: None


    Gemma Wilkinson ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category: Parent governor.

    Appointed: Appointed/Elected by parents

    Term of Office: From 27.01.2020 – 25.01.202

    Committee representation: School Improvement Committee.

    Position of responsibility: Link governor for PE, Sports Premium and Physical development in EYFS. Monitoring the website. Maintaining the Policy Schedule, and Governor training record

    Business interests: None

    Interests in other educational settings: None

    Relationships: None

    Bio: I have two children at St Catherine’s and have just started my second term after becoming a member of the governing committee in 2016. My background is in education, I am currently a secondary school teacher in Hertfordshire and hope that my knowledge of working in a school can help St Catherine’s to achieve its goals. Whilst this is my first governor role I am looking forward to working with such an experienced committee.


    Mike Marsh ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category: Foundation

    Appointed: Nominated by St. Catherine & St Paul’s Church PCC. Appointed by the Diocese of St. Albans Education Board

    Term of Office:  07.12.2019 – 06.12.2023

    Committee representation: Resource Committee and Performance Review Committee

    Position of responsibility: Chair of the Resources Committee. Link governor for Project-based Learning (PBL); including History & Geography.

    Business interests: None

    Interests in other educational settings: None

    Relationships: None


    I have lived in Hoddesdon with my wife Hilary since 1975. I retired as Chief Aerodynamicist at BAe Farnborough in 2011, but I still work part-time as Chief Aerodynamicist for a small Company providing consultancy services to the Aerospace industry.

    I have a married daughter who lives in Sheffield and works as an Oncology Registrar at St James Hospital, Leeds. My son works as a Research Fellow in Material Science at Leeds University.

    I have been a member of St Catherine’s and St Paul's Church since 1976, and currently I am Treasurer and just coming to the end of my second stint as Churchwarden.

    I am currently starting my second term as a PCC appointed Foundation Governor and I am very keen that the links between School and Church should be developed further.

    My wife was a Primary School teacher for 20 years and gets very upset when Primary School teachers are regarded as ‘second class citizens’ in the teaching world. She considers Primary School teaching to be far more difficult than Secondary School teaching and I agree with her.

    My interests include amateur dramatics, theatre and concert going, Rotary (Secretary of Hoddesdon Rotary Club), reader for Lea Valley Talking Newspapers and compiling quizzes.


    Mrs Devonshire ▾ (click here to expand bio)

    Category: Staff Governor

    Appointed: Elected by staff

    Term of Office: 25/06/18 – 24/06/2022

    Committee representation: School Improvement Committee, Budget Review Committee, Performance Review Committee, SIAMS Working Party

    Position of responsibility: Deputy Headteacher

    Business interests: None

    Interests in other educational settings: None

    Relationships: None

    Bio I have had the pleasure to work at St Catherine’s since I arrived as a student teacher in 2003 and gained QTS in the same year. During the last 17 years, I have worked in each Key Stage with the majority of my experience being in Key Stage 1 and Early Years. I have led KS1, D&T, Maths, Computing and Assessment and was an Assistant Head before being appointed Deputy Headteacher in 2018.

    I am highly committed to ensuring that our pupils receive the best possible education and are equipped for the wider world through a range of stimulating and engaging experiences. I feel very lucky to be part of a dedicated and supportive team who constantly strive for excellence.

    In my spare time I love spending time with my husband and two young children and am partial to a trip to the theatre and searching for a Geocache!


    Governors resigned in last 12 months ▾ (click here to expand)

    Name:  Denise Barrows

    Category:  Parent

    Resigned: 30/09/2020

    Name:  Julia Thurlow

    Category:  Co-Opted

    Resigned: 02/12/2020

    Name:  James Harvey

    Resigned: 18/12/2020

    Name:  Graeme Stewart

    Resigned: 21/04/2021