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Welcome from the Headteacher

A warm welcome to St Catherine’s Hoddesdon where our children are happy, safe and love learning.

We are the town’s church school, situated in the very heart of Hoddesdon.

Our child-centred, project based curriculum is both creative and fun – taking into account each learner’s individual needs and interests. Our academic outcomes are strong in terms of both attainment and progress.

We are proud of the positive working partnership we have with families and recognise the importance that home life plays in the development of our young people.

In addition to our extensive grounds, St Catherine’s has a state-of-the-art computer suite, an inspiring library, a nature area with outdoor classroom and our very own outdoor swimming pool.

We have a thriving breakfast and after school club to provide care for our pupils from 7.45am to 5.55pm. In addition, a range of sporting and creative arts after school clubs cater for our children’s active pursuits and interests. We benefit from close liaison with our local parish church as well as The Ark Children’s Centre which is located on our site.

Our most recent Ofsted inspection in September 2016, grades St Catherine’s as ‘Good’ in all areas. Noting particularly;

‘This is a fully inclusive school where pupils are valued and taught to value others.’

‘Pupils are confident and they are proud of their school. They value the opportunities they have to take on positions of responsibility such as school councillor and membership of the collective worship team. Pupils who spoke to inspectors could not think of any way the school could be improved.’

Mrs Wallis


What's been going on?

New Curate

On Sunday St Catherine’s and St Paul’s Church were delighted to be present at the Ordination of our new Curate (a trainee Vicar), Kate Carter, at St Albans Abbey. Kate will be working alongside Rachel for the next three years, including leading Assemblies and services at the Church (this doesn’t mean Rachel is moving on!) Please do say hello when you see her.

Reception 2019

Come and visit us at one of our open events. If you have a child starting school in September 2019, we would love for you to have a look at what we do.

The open days are on:
22/10/19 at 6pm
14/11/19 at 10am
4/12/19 at 1:30pm
10/01/20 at 10am

Year 5 Vikings

As a stimulus to year fives new termly topic, the Saxons and Vikings, we were visited today by Viking School Visits. The day began with the children dressing up in a representation of Saxon/Viking clothing that they had been developing over the last week.

After registration, we all gathered in the Hall to meet Ash, a specialist in Saxon and Viking history and were amazed by the axes, swords, chainmail, shields and other battle equipment that he brought for us to handle and examine.

Ash also told us about Viking myths and sagas and we re-enacted one of the tales of Beowulf, a famous Viking tale. After lunch, the children made archaeological drawings of real artefacts and then took part in a question and answer session about our topic. Ash was surprised about the amount of knowledge the children already had.

The day concluded with a pagan burial ceremony so that we could see how differently people viewed religion in Britain before the arrival of Christianity.

The children all agreed that they had a fantastic time using and examining the artefacts as it helped to bring our history to life.

Rock Stars

A rock and roll assembly for children and staff as we launch Times Table Rock Stars! The children can continue to play the game at home and try to beat their score! @TTRrockStars

Great British Spring Clean

This morning, the children in year 3 participated in the Great British Spring Clean. Along with some helpers from Love Hoddesdon, we picked up lots of litter from the streets in and around Hoddesdon town centre. As you can see from the picture we managed to collect quite a bit of litter!

The Great British Spring Clean
Mother's Day celebrations
Mother's Day celebrations
Mother's Day celebrations
Mother's Day celebrations
ITV filming our fight against vegetables!!!
Songs and Sunflowers

This Term's Value

Care for Creation is our focus for the first half of the summer term. We will be learning about the account of creation, from the Bible in the book of Genesis, and God’s charge for man to take care of it. We will be considering our role in looking after our world; within the school community, our town and how our actions can impact on the wider world. We will be thinking about how simple actions can help save energy and valuable resources; from turning the tap off when we brush our teeth to recycling what may be considered waste materials.

Our school has facilities to recycle plastic bottles, paper and cardboard and the PTA are collecting crisp bags to recycle and raise money at the same time – there is a collection box next to the ‘drop off’ box near to the main entrance. Unwanted clothes are being collected for recycling this term – please ‘bag up’ donations and leave next to the blue container near the bike sheds for the PTA to collect.

The value for the second half term is Thankfulness. As we consider the academic year that started in September 2018, we have a lot to be thankful for and we will be thinking about aspects of life to be thankful for personally, as a school, in our community, country and globally. We will contemplate how we show gratitude as well as the implications of ingratitude and taking things for granted. We will explore what Jesus taught about being thankful as well as looking at his life, and those of this followers, as an example for us today.

The British value that we will be considering is Tolerance for other Faiths and Beliefs. Through teacher-led assemblies, we will be thinking about what makes us unique as well as what unites us and how we demonstrate acceptance of and respect for those with differing beliefs to our own. Please discuss these values with your child and if you would like the opportunity to share your faith or beliefs, please speak to Mrs Wallis.